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The Schube began his professional writing career at age 16 as a freelancer investigating local legends for The Daily Banner newspaper in Cambridge, Md.  He sped away from his small-town roots at age 19, heading to Florida with just $90 to his name and his clothes tossed in garbage bags in his trunk.

After toiling away for more than a year writing obituaries for Florida Today, The Schube fulfilled one of his childhood dreams by becoming a journalist for a major daily paper. He produced investigative, breaking news and human interest stories that often gained national attention. The Schube served as the lead reporter on two murder trials highlighted on Dateline NBC, and covered the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003.

Inspired to mentor other writers after years of reporting, The Schube became public affairs editor for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He served for four years as the primary editor for all NASA-KSC public affairs material released worldwide in print, video and online. This included the space shuttle’s historic return-to-flight mission in 2005, during which The Schube also served as media liaison to coordinate supporting 1,500 media representatives who came from across the world to cover the mission.

The Schube currently serves as a media relations specialist for a healthcare organization in Arizona.


Just give me* some time and I'll get you some copy! (*For the record, this is not actually a monkey; it's a chimpanzee. It's the best we could do, under the circumstances.)

La Fuente began writing fiction at the age of eight and hasn’t stopped since. Growing up with both parents in the military, La Fuente spent most of his youth moving from base to base, including installations in California, Nebraska, Florida, and Great Britain (where he was nearly run over by Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair while wandering Cambridge looking for a Pizza Hut). Though friends and homes came and went, La Fuente’s stories continued to be a constant in his life.

After college, La Fuente once again took up a gypsy-like existence as he searched for opportunities in writing. He is now focusing on a career as a novelist.

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