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Horror short ‘Remnants’ now available on Amazon

The award-winning short horror film Remnants is now available to watch free on Amazon US and UK. Celebrating the use of old-school practical effects in a modern detective story, the movie brims with dread and violence. Remnants follows two homicide detectives and a medical examiner in Phoenix investigating the worst crime scene in a suburban neighborhood’s history. Among the


Fun B-movie film review: Scream Bloody Murder

I’m starting off October by checking out some really obscure low-budget horror flicks from the 70s, and just found the gem Scream Bloody Murder. Whoo-ee! At 17 minutes into this thing, the main killer had already slaughtered four people. Spoilers to follow, for those of the opinion a spoiler alert is needed for a movie that is 44 years old. If

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Currently reading: The stuff of cheap, wonderful nightmares

What’s happening, ya dang lunatics? Just a quick post to share a recommendation from my “currently reading” pile of books. I’m about a third of the way through a fantastic tome that is roughly the size of an entire coffee table, but way more handy than furniture for a B-movie horror fan like myself. It’s called Nightmare

‘Remnants’ wins Best Arizona Film at Phoenix Comicon

We are so honored to announce the horror short “Remnants,” which we co-wrote, was awarded “Best Arizona Film” at the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival! Many great films from across the state were featured at the festival, and it was a real pleasure to be included among them in the lineup. If you haven’t had a

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VHS box covers we’ll never forget: ‘Hack-O-Lantern’

What’s happening, ya crazies! We’re trying out something new here: a recurring little feature to spotlight some of our favorite (and often little-known) VHS box covers from back in the day. For me, the ones I remember being especially enticing were often among the most lurid. Of course, Hack-O-Lantern promises plenty of gore with its cover

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Kicking off the new year with some laurel leaves

Happy new year, ya crazies! We just want to share the great news we received today about “Remnants,” the new horror short film we co-wrote. The movie was just named “Best Horror Short Film” for December by the Chandler International Film Festival in Arizona! “Remnants” will be shown at the festival later this month, and

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Review: Indie game ‘Firewatch’ fizzles out on the Schube

Happy holidays, ya nutters! I’ve been gorging myself on sugary foodstuffs for the past week or two, and figured I’d crawl out of my mountain of movies, books and cigars to say howdy. I recently filled in Eijo on a few video games I’ve had a chance to catch up on, and he suggested I post a short review on

The Schube

The Schube Releases Thrilling Suspense Novel

Hold on tight to your britches, friends, because The Schube just published his first novel! The suspense story, Which Lives to Fear, follows a reporter trying to solve a string of child murders which have haunted her family – and a small Arizona town – for years. Folks who’ve given it an early read say it’s a

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Short horror film ‘Remnants’ now online to view free

Heyooo, fellow lunatics! We’ve got some great news to share: Remnants, a short horror film we co-wrote, is now available to watch online for free. Fans of the genre especially seem to dig how the flick celebrates the use of old-school practical effects, as highlighted in some incredibly nice write-ups in Brutal As Hell and Dread Central. The 16-minute movie,

Remnants promo poster

Horror Short Film ‘Remnants’ Debuts Poster

Howdy, maniacs! We’re stoked that Remnants, a horror short film we co-wrote, is wrapping up in post-production and we have a poster to share.  The movie, to be available online via Youtube in about a month, celebrates the use of old-school practical effects in a modern detective story brimming with dread and violence. The grisly flick is also

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