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Horror in Short: Remnants Review by Keri O’Shea —

Snippet: “Remnants is a lot of fun, showing skill and a love for the genre too.”

Detectives Find Remnants of an Unspeakable Evil in New Short by David Gemini —

Snippet: “Screw CGI. The new short Remnants from director David Ugarte embraces good old fashioned practical effects within the setting of a detective story…”

Interview With David Ugarte, Director of Horror Short

Snippet: “We aimed to put our own spin on an exorcism story, while also not focusing too much on the importance of some crazy twist. We tried to keep the focus on the tension and scares, and everything else is gravy.”

Hell of a Deal

5 Must-See Arizona Short Films at Phoenix Comicon 2015 by William Pierce —

Snippet: “This film is wicked good and relentlessly intense; scarred and scary, suffocating and liberating. A fast paced, dark and freakishly fun flick that will make you jump out of your seat.”

Short Films You’ve Never Seen but Should by Michael Augustine — blog

Snippet: “Hell of a Deal by Escape Velocity Films is a hell of a short…”

Book Reviews and Media Coverage:

Which Lives To Fear

Arizona Authors Release Suspense Novel Set in Globe — Globe Miami Times

Snippet: Schubert “recently released a suspense novel, Which Lives to Fear, about a reporter trying to solve a string of murders which have haunted her family – and the small city of Globe – for years.”

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