Ramblings, mutterings, and assorted jibber-jabber on the craft of writing.

Habitual Fiction

Stuck? Just Ask Your Subconscious! — Meet your new best friend, the shadowy bit of your brain that does all the work.

That Story Ain’t Gonna Write Itself, My Friend — Trying to find the time to sit down and get writin’? Here are a couple helpful tips.

The Three Audiences — Which one are you writing for?


Symmetries n’ Structures

Screenplay Structure: Actin’ Out — We heard a lot about screenplays being only three acts, but we said hell naw to that noise! Here’s why.

Start at the Beginning… And the End — Say what now? Well, this is all about breaking the time barrier in order to keep your writing fresh like.  


Two-Player Co-Op Tandem Scribblin’

Co-Writing 101 — How do two writers come to an agreement about what constitutes a a story worth writing? Spoiler alert: it involves something called a “nugget.”

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